Cristiano ronaldo with Irina shayk


Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk

Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk was a wonderful couple. Cristiano Ronaldo’s most famous ex if at one point she had the key to the Portuguese man’s hearts, Irina Shayk ended up having hers broken after a four-year relationship.

Cristiano left the Russian model and the explanation perfectly sums up his mentality, they made a handsome couple they were happy, they seemed to be the real deal but Irina did the unthinkable. did she cheat?? No! she disrespected Maria Dolores (Cristiano’s mother) when cr7 was throwing a surprise party for his mom’s 60th birthday.

Irina refused to come an insult that Cristiano Ronaldo could not let go as a family friend, explains Irina challenged Dolores and Cristiano chose his mother, besides Dolores didn’t think that she was the ideal woman for her son.

She wanted someone who could be a mother to Cristiano Junior that wasn’t a priority for Irina from a young age, Cristiano has seen family as a priority even more, so after the death of his father in 2005 Ronaldo may well be rich and famous, but he won’t stand for someone disrespecting his mother.Cr7 did not hold a grudge for long we thought it would be better for us to make this decision, now I wish her all the best but Irina is a strong woman during a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit conference, she put Cristiano in his place.

what I look for in a man is honesty, I like men who are loyal to their girlfriends, I think it’s a man’s most important quality, it has to be said that the Russian was heartbroken by Cristiano as one of her friends recalls. She was completely shocked and devastated, she left immediately and spent New Year’s Eve on her own crying in an airport before flying to the Maldives.

Where she spent her birthday alone she had to face up to the facts after having spent some time thinking long and hard. She felt that she couldn’t ignore the signs some weeks later Irina Shayk consoled herself in the arms of American actor Bradley Cooper, while Christiano Ronaldo found true love with Georgina Rodriguez in the end.

Cristiano and Arenas split proves one thing Cr7 is a man who puts a huge amount of importance on respect even if you are one of the most beautiful women in the world, Cristiano is unforgiving if you don’t respect his mother.

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