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Euro 2020 Qualifiers news and updates

EURO 2020: Every team is giving their best performance to make it to the Qualifiers. This Sunday is going to be a treat for the football fans as all three matches will be packed with a lot of excitement. The three matches will be as follows:

1. Luxembourg Vs Portugal

This is EURO 2020 and It was an action-packed game when Captain Cristiano Ronaldo scores his 99th goal and register the win for his team. It was an exciting game and Portugal defeated Luxembourg by 2-0. Portugal 2as not comfortable playing away from their home ground but still dominated most of the game by their amazing performances.

On the other hand, Luxembourg had to bear the defeat and will be looking forward to getting a victory in their next game.

2. Serbia Vs Ukraine

It was an action-packed game where both the teams gave their 100% and the result was the same for both of them. The clock timed out keeping both the teams at 2-2. 

Serbia had to manage with the 3rd place in the group with 14 points.

On the other hand, Ukraine, being on the safe side, finished the match topping the Group with 20 points. 

Team changes


There was no probable change in their team.


 Yevhen Konoplyanka was assisted to the team after sitting out in the last match against Estonia.

3. Albania Vs France

France who had already qualified for the next tournament defeated Albania with a massive 2-0. France had dominated the match after the break and Albania could not get the breakthrough they were looking forward to. Tolisso and Griezmann make sure that France ends up on the winning side and did not give any chance to Albania to register a name to their name.

Team changes


There was no change in the team line for Albania


 There was no change in the team line for France.

Both the team will be looking forward to their next matches. France will try to continue their winning streak and Albania, on the other hand, will be looking forward to registering a win in their name

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